Did you know that Infusionsoft provides a tracking code snippet that you can embed on your own site? If you didn’t, don’t worry…you’re not alone! Thankfully, it’s super easy to install. If you want to do it yourself, Infusionsoft’s HelpCenter has a great article on the topic.

However, if you use WordPress, there’s an Infusionsoft Web Tracking Code plugin that is dead-simple to install that! (Spoiler alert: I’m the plugin’s author.) I created the original version of this plugin quite a few years ago and recently updated it to make things even easier to use.

Want to download it and take it for a spin? Here you go! If you like it, please rate it on the WordPress plugins directory. 🙂

Infusionsoft® Tracking Code

“But Bob,” you may ask, “why would I want to install this?” I’m so glad you asked! Once the tracking code is installed, you can do some really amazing things. Infusionsoft’s campaign builder includes a Web Page Automation goal, which allows you to kick off a Campaign Sequence on a number of activities — clicking an emailed link, submitting a hosted web form, etc.

The one that really shines (and is the whole reason for this post) is that you can also kick off a sequence when someone visits a specific page on your site! Imagine if you’ve got a prospect interested in your product or service who decides not to buy immediately. A few days later, they visit your pricing page and within minutes receive a “timely” email from you checking in and asking if they have any questions. How many possibilities does that open up for you and your business?

Infusionsoft’s HelpCenter provides a great article on how to set up the Web Page Automation goal. If you’ve already set up the tracking code on your site (for example, using the plugin mentioned above!) you can skip the last step in the process.