Space Shuttle Discovery

New year, new start.

2013 was an incredible year. I spent a long weekend in Vegas, reconnected with the love of my life, and joined an amazing company as their CTO. I flew thousands of miles, got to see some incredible aircraft (and a space shuttle!) up close and personal, and enjoyed lots of time with family.

And yet, as cool as last year was, I’m beginning this new one with absurd amounts of excitement. I already know some of the things ahead: the weddings of dear friends, new travel adventures, and new, fascinating projects to tackle. I also know a few that shall, at least for now, remain secret. But there are so many things to come that are unknown, so many possibilities, and for those, I am equally excited.

This year, like last, there will be no resolutions. Just a fresh start, and a blank slate on which to draw. 2014, I’m looking forward to living you.